Getting your home ready to sell is a tedious process that no one really wants to think about. While you’re nose deep in paperwork, loan officer calls, and agent questions, you sometimes forget what needs to be done in-home. Sometimes it’s hard to know just where to start when it comes to home cleaning and it can be too overwhelming to tackle. If you’re in this boat, there’s no better time to start your Spring cleaning and get your home ready for the market. Follow these tips below to clear the dust and have your home looking like a million bucks in no time!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Grand Entrance

Your front door is often times the first thing a potential buyer will see. In this case, you’ll want to make sure it looks inviting to anyone who may enter. Make sure your doors are cleaned, interior AND exterior, and if need be, apply a fresh coat of paint to cover imperfections that are eyesores. If your door handles are tarnished or outdated, you may want to do an inexpensive swap out or just apply a nice polish to make them shine. Be sure that rugs and entryways are swept and clear of dirt. This includes clearing any debris from your porch, having a clean welcome mat, and maybe even adding some potted plants to the entryway for extra flair.

Walkway to front door of home

Declutter and downsize

Since you’re moving anyways, the more you get rid of now, the less you have to pack and move later. Pitch all extra cleaning or personal care products that you won’t need before the move or store them in labeled boxes to keep them out of the way. Pack and move or store out-of-season clothing items. This would be a great time to consider a donation or garage sale box. If you won’t be wearing them in the next few months, they have no business taking up drawer space. Throw out or donate magazines and newspapers, and destroy or file away personal bills and correspondence. These steps make your home look more organized and clean for potential buyers.

Charity donation box

Brighten up your home

Once you’re done cleaning and organizing, fill your home with bright colors that are visually appealing to buyers. Simple flower arrangements and motivational pictures or mirrors will provide attractive focal points for viewers. Add new throw pillows to couches and rugs to hallways. Move brightly colored clothing to the front of your closets to provide a vibrant focal point in your bedrooms.

Bright throw pillows

Natural light is everything. Start by cleaning your windows. This means you’ll want to dust your window frames, clean the blinds, vacuum out window interiors, and make sure those glass panes have no smudges. Keep curtains open or to a minimum to optimize the light in your rooms. Also, consider trimming bushes and branches around the outside of windows. If natural light isn’t readily available, grab new light fixtures and lamps to add ambiance to your rooms.

large windows

Get out the bugs

Nothing worse than dead bugs in the corners of your home. Go ahead and grab that vacuum or dust mop and run it along the ceilings, behind furniture, and in corners. Remove your light fixtures and clean those out. While guests are always welcome in your home, creepy crawlers shouldn’t be invited to the open house.

woman wearing apron and breathing mask, holding duster

Outdoor Living

In addition to your front door, this is one of the first things people will see when coming to view your home. Make sure the grass is cut and your flower beds are rid of weeds. Put all of your lawn tools away, roll up your garden hoses, and hide any yard toys. If your mailbox could use some TLC, slap on a fresh coat of paint or replace it. Planting flowers around the base is a trendy tip that catches the eye also. If you’re short on time or yard work isn’t your thing, consider investing in landscaping.

outdoor deck with furniture

Don’t cut corners

While some people are great at detailed cleaning, others can easily overlook the little things that are actually BIG deals. Make sure your baseboards, light switch plates, appliances, pictures, and lamps are all clear of dust and dirt. Get behind furniture and toilets, and inside cabinets for a good deep cleaning. While you’re at it, replace grout and clean between the cracks. All of them. Tiles and showers are super important. No one likes looking at a dirty shower.

hand scrubbing shower tile

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be something you dread doing. Make a plan of action and tackle these items one at a time, whether it be daily or weekly. Once you’ve made it through the above list of Spring cleaning tips, your home should be ready to sell in no time!